Design Methodology Workshop


ELEKTROCOUTURE, now named the POWERHOUSE was a fashion-technology start-up.
As the Studio project manager, I worked with the fashion designer team on internal and external projects. I quickly realized that the technology or the esthetic was leading the projects and not the search to answer of a user need. As a designer it was quite frustrating to do not include this reflexion to the projects and I decided to propose a design methodology workshop to the whole studio team, CEO included. 
I started with a theorical presentation of the idifferent steps of design methodology, but I wanted it to be a playful and participative workshop so we quicly switch to the practice. 

- Choose a team member to be our user
- Ask him questions to define a persona
- As a 2 person team, work on possible user problems 
- Ask the user to confirm and prioritise these problems
- According to user problems and ELEKTOCOUTRE expertise propose solutions to the user
- The user choose the solution that might be the most interesting for him